Botanical name

Family Balga (Areskes)

Phoenix Taclilifera

Common names

Nothing is listed.


Because sugar is high, they should be avoided by diabetes.


The date is a tree plant that holds Palm 6 or 7th year fruit, but does not reach maturity until the 30th year. Until then, it will continue to produce over two centuries. There are male and female trees. Each year it has a good female capacity to produce hundreds of pounds. The tree was cultivated and discovered forests from India, West Asia, the Middle East and all North Africa. In the past, it was the forest of the Dead Sea from the Sea of ​​Galilee that grew abundantly like Israel was a great date forest.


It is called life employees for good reason. The Arabic language says that since the day is a day, the Arab language has a number of benefits to date, but people can easily live on anything other than that tree.

In times of war, the worst thing that an enemy can do to a tribe is to destroy the male trees, thus losing future food.

According to Gerard, it is better for those who have sucked the blood or are suffering from a bloody fever, as well as sore throat, with weak lungs, weak spleen, losers, and lipids. The gray has a bonding quality in the pits, which said it was closed and used to loses their ropes.

Key actions


Digestive help

Key elements

Sugar (50%)


Fat oil (10%)

piperidine shares

Medical accessories

Fruit, seed

Traditional applications

In Ayurvedic medicine, spine, karni, headache, inflammatory injuries, kidney disease, and gastric complaints can be used. Honey honey is made from the date of preparation in Algeria, the juice dried in the sun. The upper left fluid (honey honey) is used to treat chest complaints.

In Saudi Arabia, fruits are still in the ground and have been roasted as a “coffee” substitute. For several days they are soaked in the ground that they feed on camels, cows, and goats. The stones are quite normal, they do better physically better than conventional wheat and barley.

Throughout the Middle East, the male cobbies are trapped in the same way that the Americans are laying up the maple tree for its silk. A tree will have three or four calories a day for several weeks. This sweet cider can be drank like a refreshing one.

Day sugar may be higher, but the ability to restore the health of the failures can not be made with empty sugar. The juice of the boiled date is given to invalids that restore their overall strength and strength.

Traditional Arabic medicine uses cures for cleansing the system, regulating urine and enhancing fertility. Green date kernels are made in a mold to handle genital ulcers.


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