How do you know if a Rudraksha Bead is original or fake?

Rudraksha Monasteries in Indian tradition have a very significant place. These have been worn by humans for thousands of years of good health and to prevent negative planetary effects. These magical beads help to achieve heavenly happiness. During worship, they are told that they give you wealth. With this, the greatest uncertainties in human life can be avoided, which is extraordinary death.

Ruthrasha’s daughters offer a variety of benefits, including mental peace and harmony. Their growing admiration, many of them started selling Rukraksha bells, is made of plastic or wood. With the help of the model / actors, many marketing companies sell texts by promoting television. They are cheating people in this way. So an important question arises – how do you know if a Rudraksha Beat is original or fake?

There are some tests to confirm whether Rudraksha Beat is true –

The look of Rudratsat:

An original level is a red-brown / glossy yellow color with a lot of development on the outside. A real Ruthratch – Amla Fruit size, Zizyphus fruit size and size of Chic Pea are only three sizes.

Magnetic field test:

An original Rudraksha has a magnetic field around it. When you put the hour between two copper coins, it will rotate in the clockwise direction.

Density test:

Dying glasses in water or milk is a feature of the original Rudrakda Pedy.

Thermometer Test:

When we have rutrush in water for half an hour, the temperature of the water increases by 1 or 2 degrees centigrade. You can check with the help of thermometer.

Milk test:

Put a glass mirror with fresh milk. If the Rudraksha Beat is original, the milk will not be spoiled even after 2-3 days.

In addition to all the above tests, you can try the following procedure to know if Rudratsa Beat is original or fake:

The masks of the Ruthraska facade (faces) should be seen by how they make it natural. An original Rudraksha Pussy has 14 faces (faces). If Mutus comes from Max 14 to 21 Rakraksham, it is considered a pseudonym.

Many more people prefer to buy the highesthet of the mukhis to buy the original original illusion of the original original illusion Ruthraksha. You have to make sure that each mask is not empty, ie every nose has its base and is fully closed down. In different ways, this is one of the best ways to find out the original rutrusha.


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