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Health Benefits Of Plantain Stem


The ripe plantain is beneficial for health and so is the stem of the fruit. In India, there are many people who don’t know the nutritional value of the plantain stem and it’s juice. This stem juice is consumed to prevent diabetics, helps to beat constipation and all digestive problems and above all aids in weightLoss.


Aids Constipation Problems Though there are a lot of health benefits of plantain juice, but the best is, it helps in fighting constipation problems. The ingredients present while preparing the juice helps to ease the stools.

Fights Diabetes To fight diabetes, drinking one glass of this plantain stem juice is beneficial for health. The bitter nature of the juice regulates the insulin in the body. Fights UTI To fight urinary tract infections or UTI, drink a glass or two of plantain stem juice.

It reduces the burning sensation in the uthera. Stomach Ulcers The other health benefits of plantain juice is it helps in healing stomach ulcers due to the presence of its properties. Rich In Potassium Since it is rich in potassium, consuming this plantain stem juice is important in keeping your immunity levels up. Regulates Pressure The stem juice is also good in regulating pressure, especially those who are suffering from high bp.

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