The perfect way to drink water from copper Vessels and its health benefits

For thousands of years, the benefits of drinking water from copper vestis are known in India and in many Asian countries. Ancient Ayurvedic legends contain many benefits of water storage in copper ships. Now, current medical studies support this ancient Ayurvedic practice.

Copper has many antimicrobial properties. Recently, the US Environmental Protection Agency filed copper as the only solid surface material to kill bacteria threatening human health.

What would happen if you stored water in a copper pipe?

When the water is stored on a copper vessel over the same day or eight hours, very small amount of copper ions dissolve in water. This process is called the oligodemic effect, which has the ability to eradicate widespread harmful microorganisms, axes, and fungi.

What does Ayurveda say?

Ayurveda says: When drinking water in a copper vessel, we have the ability to balance the three bodies of Vata, Pithu and Kaba in our body. There are also many health benefits (more about 3 toozas, personality and body, click here to read my old post on this topic). This happened because the copper ship blamed the water.

The right way to drink water from a copper vessel:

If you buy it, it must be thoroughly rinsed with water. Then fill it with water and cover it. 6 hours (minimum) 8 hours (maximum) Drink water and drink it.

You can follow this ancient Ayurvedic practice:

Keep your water in a copper vessel overnight with your bed and drink water from morning to morning when you get up. This particular practice is very useful in promoting your bowel movements in the morning. This procedure will make your digestive system very healthy and set up your metabolism all day long. You are very refreshed and glitter every day.

Benefits of drinking water stored in a copper vessel:


  1. Prevent diabetes
  2. The digestive system helps to function well
  3. Weight loss aids
  4. Decreases in aging


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