1.Sour Candies

Chocolate bad in your mouth is not surprising. But the tart chocolate has a variety of acids that make your teeth hard. Plus, because they are slow, they stick to your teeth for a long time, so they are likely to cause debris. If you want sweets, instead of chocolate to reach a square, you can quickly chew and wash easily.


Think twice below the supermarket sandwich bar. When you eat bread, saliva turns into salads. Now a substance like a bubble paste, sticks to crevices between the teeth. It will cause disadvantages. If you’re looking for some cracks, look for less refined varieties like wheat. They have fewer sugar and are not easily broken.


We all know that alcohol is not healthy. But you are drinking, do you dirty your mouth? There is a dry mouth saliva, which should keep our teeth healthy. Fasting keeps food grains away from your teeth. It also helps in early signs of various degeneration, gum disease, and other oral infections. Help you keep your mouth hydrated, drink lots of water, use fluoride washing and oral hydration solutions.

4.Carbonated drinks

If we all have a bit, if anything, it’s good from soda or poppy, even if the word “food” gets there. A recent study, such as the use of methamphetamine and crack cocaine, was also found to be detrimental to your teeth by drinking too much carbonate soda. Spinal cord helps to produce more acid to attack coronary cavities. If you eat soda daily, your teeth will be important in acid. Plus it means that your mouth will exit, and you will have low saliva. Last but not least, dark colored soda can wipe your teeth or stains. One note: Do not brush your teeth immediately after drinking a soda; It really shatters.


All the water it contains, so the snow is gently fine, right? No, according to the American Dental Association. If you are chewing on a hard stuff, you can be damaged and allow yourself to a dental emergency such as stimulated, ripe, or broken teeth or grease the greens. You can use your ice in the snow to cool, but it does not slip. Avoid cold water or ice colds to resist driving.


Orange, Grapes, and Lemon fruits and juices are delicious and are packed with vitamin C. However, their acid content can destroy the tooth decay, which may cause decomposition. A lemon or lemon leak for water also adds drinking acid. Plus, acid mouths from citrus can be troublesome. If you want to get a dose of their antioxidant and vitamins, eat and drink them in the food spacing and then rinse with water.

7.Potato chips

A potato chip is a source of satisfaction for many of us. Unfortunately, they are loaded with starch, which turns into sugar, they are stripped between the teeth and feed the bacteria into the pad. Since we are rarely the only one, the acid production from chips lasts and lasts for awhile. After you lurk in a bag, it’s rude to remove complex particles.

8.Dry fruits

Perhaps you feel that the dry fruits are healthy snacks. It is true, but many dried fruits – apricots, prunes, figs, and raisins, to name a few – sticky. Leave a lot of sugar, they stuck in the teeth and their crevices stuck. If you want to eat dried fruit, wash your mouth in water, then stink the odor and rub on the face. This is the best choice for new versions because they are low in sugar!

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