Sin is the basis for suffering. In the rituals like Homam and Yagam, they are advised to avail the qualification / virtue, avoiding the sins. The common significance behind this ritual is to get the help of the gods (divine humans) to grant sin from one person and to obtain a substance for the fulfillment of an object or spiritual desires.

Why  fire?

It is important why fire and water should be used only in Homam, Yagam and Durban before understanding the importance of Homam. The Vedas say that the whole cosmic panchabhootas(five elements) have been created at different rates. Based on the ability to retain power between these five elements, the earth is very heavy and very solid. As a medium it retains energy but can not pass it. On the other hand, air and space elements are all mild and very compressible. They can send but can not retain energy. Therefore, the ancient saints have chosen fire and water elements for their discharge to offer divine powers as offerings. Because both forces have the ability to retain and exchange divine power.

Importance of Home and Agni

The five elements in the world around us are in the human body. Agni (fire) is in two forms – Jatara-agni  (the digestive fire in the body body) and Bhoota-Agni (the spiritual body of the inner body). In most humans, the jatara-agni burns brightly, and the booze-agni is merely burning to the blurred motion. Yogi with his spiritual practices converts Jatara-Agni into Bhoota-Agni. So he feels very small / no appetite (due to lack of digestive fire or absence). Bhoota-Agni, on the other hand, is capable of upholding spirituality and divinity. When a Yogi makes a diva / jappa / mantra / offering to the goddess, the goblins are locked into Agni and sacrifice directly. A Yogi’s Bhoota-Agni burns very brightly in her sookshma sarira (subtle body), not the god of goddess or any other divine power. A normal man’s locker-agni burns badly, and he uses the lamp to fire through the use of a fire to get direct responses from the outside fire. Instead, the goddess fulfills the righteous will of the person who is capable of doing so.

Recommended for all kinds of rituals, homage is the fastest way to get the grace of God. Ganapati Homam , Chandi Homam, Sudarshana Homam, Paashupata Homam, Mrityunjaya Homam, Ayush Homam –  – are the famous paintings conducted by the priests in India’s temples and temples. In the actress-shudu is also a good ritual in good health care. More often refined and feels not revived after making a fire ritual. The gases that come out of the ham-khunda grow well in the atmosphere and atmosphere around us. Many research has been done about the environmental benefits of Homam and Yagam. Even today, this decision appears on several occasions, where the rain from the sky will rain immediately after the fire spread. In ancient days, people made fire ceremonies everyday. Such people were called the eternal-agnihotri. Rama is an eternal agnostic too. Even during the jail in the wilderness, he did the worship. Over time, lifestyle has changed, and the importance of mankind’s most important rituals.

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