Choodi, glass, silver, copper, wood, plastics, and most commonly known in Bengali, Hindi and churi are the collection of bangles worn by Asian men. But wearing it alone is called a bangle made of steel or iron – it is wearing all the sexes. Hindus have a traditional heritage in Hindu times, and Kada is used more in Sikh traditions.

If you live in India, you know that a married woman is simply a strange myth that if it comes to the new daughter-in-law, it is not too ugly. They have to wear glass or golden bracelets or both, especially for their wedding day and honeymoon.

In fact: glass sand / silicon is made, which is the natural point in the upper layers of the earth. It’s environment friendly.

The bangles are not just parts. You think – yes they are tradition, they’re part of our culture, they make a woman look beautiful, but there are more bangles than that.

There are systematic scientific studies that claim logical reasons for the marching of bangles.

1.Blood circulation and energy: 

Usually carries the wrist to any person. Also, pulse pulses in this area are often tested for all the ailments. Women’s bubbles are generally on the wrist of one hand, and its constant friction increases blood flow. Electricity exits through the exterior will return to one’s own body again. There are no conclusions that the looping bangles have to be sent back to the body to expel the exterior.

2.The ointment reinforces the sound of the bone: 

tinkle of bangles is a gift for women during the shower. Pregnant or fatigued music treats the pregnant woman’s depression and depression and helps the instrument develop. A pregnant woman is more likely to have a baby or a baby before birth.

3.Emotional Balance: 

A review made on bangles wearing glass bangles and other synthetic materials revealed that the bangles are vibrating and strong feelings of balkfighter and moderators. Those who wear non-glass bangles are temporary and highly incentive, given circumstances and stimulus, conducted tests.


The glass bangles are absorbed from the atmosphere of the good and clean, and the forces that exist in the natural environments are marching. The sound was caused by each other’s bangles, and was soft and soft in the surroundings, echoing the sound of the surrounding environment. Moreover, glass bangles are used to misuse bad vibrations in the neighborhood and protect the body of the wearer from the evil agents in the atmosphere.

5.The essence of the colors:

 Two colors of rings are recommended in-and-green. Green bangles are also worn from the south like Maharashtra and Karnataka. Women in North and North, UP And like Punjab, they stand in red color. A divine quality being peaceful and vibrant while having the power to destroy the evil of green. The bubbles they hold on golden work are not efficient, they do not do the benefits of empty glass bangles.

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