Things to celebrate Ugadi’s ceremony

It is a big festival celebrated in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. This is the New Year of the Kannadikas, according to the Hindu calendar. Different festivals are celebrated all over India, and different names are known in each area. New Year celebration in Karnataka is called Ugadi. It is known as  Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra. People in Bengal call this festival as ‘Poila Boisakh’.

In Karnataka, the Ugadi Puja is celebrated by worshiping many deities and goddesses. The Kannadas are mainly worshiped by Vinayaka, Mata Parvathi, Vishnu and Lakshmi. Uma Maheshwar is also conducted in some parts of the state of Bhuj. Apart from these, the Hiranyakppa Pooja and the Arundhati-Vasishta Puja are reaching the blessings of the Vallavas.

Ugadi is celebrated on a large scale in the south of India. Temples and houses are decorated, and the people are gathering for the blessings of the Puja and God.

In rural areas, housing cows are made and prepared in the main courtyard.

People buy new clothes for themselves and give gifts to nearby and lovers. Since Ugadi is a community festival, people look at each other’s homes and want to have good health and pleasure for their loved ones. Prepare special foods in Ugadi, and the celebration is very exciting.

We are going to inform you of the special features that celebrate Ugadi festival.


Flowers are always used in the form of decorating and worshiping the Almighty Temple. Mallika is used to decorate the houses in the floor houses, while the jasmine is one of the most famous flowers for the pujas in Ugadi.

2.Mango  Leaves: 

Without this, the celebration of Ugadi is uncertain. The garlands decorating with leaves will indicate good yield in the coming year. Flowers and mangoes are poured in front of their home and these leaves are used for worship.



Every festival and occasion in India is celebrated with coconuts. The Ugadi Puja is placed in the coconut kalasam  and placed before the statue. This is one of the main items of ‘Naivedyam’.

4.Neem flower:

‘Vepapoota Pachadi’ is popularly known. On the first day of Chaitra masam, Ugadi is celebrated for the New Year. People fast and pray for the sun, and then stomach the stomach in the stomach.

5.Cow Dung:

Cow  cattle and cow urine are considered as good cows in Hinduism. In rural areas, people use cow dungs ​​to clean their homes, and in front of their homes, cow dung is soaked in water. Then, rangolis is made in that area.

6.Ugadi Pachadi: 

There are no occasions, rituals or celebrations without a special meal. And Ugadi celebration is no exception. In every house, Ugadi Pachadi is first given to God and later people can share it as a Prasad.


Finally, one of the most important things you need is sweetness. You have to take the offerings and the homes of other people in the service. Evenings in Ugadi are offered to the evening. These are the basic things that people should celebrate with Ugadi. They pray for each other luck and prosperity and blessings of his blessings, so that the upcoming year will be filled with happiness and victory.

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